Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kelvin Okafor....Proudly Nigerian!


Artist Kelvin Okafor, whose accurate drawings are often mistaken for photographs, is making waves in the art world after scooping a number of national awards and exhibiting at galleries across the country. The Middlesex University Fine Art graduate spends around 80-100 hours to complete his amazing pencil drawings over approximately three weeks in the studio. The genre is known as ‘photo-realism’ and Kelvin creates his detailed work based on a mixture of life and photographs. To hear more from Kelvin please watch below

Khloe Kardashian as Xfactor host
Personally, i love talent shows, especially auditions! Auditions are downright funny or wonderful! Some people come up there and you go "i can sing better than that" lol......and some auditions you hear, you go WOW!
Well, about the Xfactor, i followed the season 1 and now season 2.
Personally, season 1 was better for me, season 2 was not so good.....
What was Simon Cowell thinking?
I must say, first of all, Khloe had a plastic smile on her face, the whole time, like, the smile wasnt real at all, almost painful to watch her grit her teeth in the name of smiling.
There was absolutely no chemistry between her and her co-host, Mario Lopez, there was just this terrible awkwardness between them.
plus,Khloe, whats with the forced, awkward dry jokes and flirting with Simon????
"The incredibly sexy Simon Cowell" she said it TWICE
sitting on his lap?
Simon, please, you can do better, get a better co-host please!
im aware the show's number of viewers increased by 30%, well, im sure people justed tuned in out of curiosity....i'm yet to see WHO was impressed by the Khloe thing...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ester- Udo(peace)

 Ester  of the defunct group gives us a refreshing feel as we listen to here new song: Udo, meaning peace. Just lovely!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jaywon, Odun yi(video)

Sound sultan- good gal(video)

Guess who's house???? Wizkid....awon big boyz

Goldie in Malaysia....winks....

For Kelekele Love singer, Tiwa Savage, performing free-of-charge can be rewarding at times. Revealing how she secured her multi-million-naira Pepsi endorsement deal last year, the singer who relocated from the UK to Nigeria a couple of years ago and who has established herself as one of the hottest female contemporary acts said that she ironically got the mouth-watering deal at an event where she performed free-of-charge.
“Funny enough, I didn’t charge a dime for the show which got me the Pepsi endorsement. Sometimes I get paid for playing and sometimes I don’t. The show that got me the endorsement deal was one of such shows. “After my performance, a guy just walked up to me and said he liked my performance.
He said he would love to do stuff with me as well. Before I knew it, Pepsi ran a survey to find out who was the most popular female and male artistes and I came out tops. I landed the deal alongside Wizkid who also emerged as the most popular male act; it was like a dream.”


Brymo's interview

Having come from a humble background, hip-hop sensation, Ashimi Olawale believes that education is very important because it helps to shape life positively. But he also believed that what he needed to learn about hip-hop was not available within the four walls of the university.
Popularly known as Brymo by his fans, Olawale abandoned his Zoology course at Lagos State University and decided to pursue music fulltime. That decision had translated to his blockbuster hits, Oleku and Ara.
The artiste who is signed to Chocolate City which parades other acts like Ice Prince, MI, Jesse Jagz, DJ Caise, and Pryse, opened up to The Entertainer on his childhood days, how he came into music, challenges, and what he looks for in a woman among others. Excerpts:
I went to Akanji Aka Primary School and later went to Japual Primary School. I gained admission into Lagos State University to study Zoology but I left and went into music. For me, education is quite important, if I didn’t take out time to learn, I wouldn’t be able to speak English language as I am speaking now. But I do not think what I need to learn is within the four walls of the school because I can make it anywhere else. That was why I left. It was quite difficult for me to pay the school fees. Though, if I had stayed, my father would have strived to pay the fees. I knew that I could prosper if I had time to do what I wanted to do, which was music. Basically, I was sure that I wanted to become a musician, instead of going to school.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Watch JODI – Number One ft. Bracket

Nneka's interview

I don’t have plans for marriage
The first time I met her was in 2003. That was before she began making the hits. What struck me about her that first time was the large guitar in a large black bag back-strapped to her petit frame.
Dressed in clinging denims and an unbuttoned blue top over a white T-shirt, she looked so delicate I was scared she’d snap into two from the weight of the massive guitar her petite frame bore. Strangely, I felt the guitar was probably a burden she had to carry around because her destiny was somehow tied to it. As we spoke, I noticed that she was shy, avoiding eye contact and smiling, displaying rows of white teeth.
That was eight years ago.
very the full interview more below

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Comedy at its best..........

Where is Eddy Montana? about a rise and fall. There was a time when Eddy Montana's songs were all over the Radio and TV. bad! I meant to say Eddie Remedy. Cos i realized that Eddy only survived as the member a group.......Remedies.......he never made it as a solo artiste.
Though he released a few tracks here and there, he never quite reached the mark.
Despite all that, i believe he is someone not to be forgotten soon, at least by people in their

Sunday, December 9, 2012

iLLBliss – Double Double ft Timaya + Naalu Ekele ft Storm Rex

I'm loving this collabo! Listen to "double double" by Ibo boy Illbliss featuring the one and only Egberi-papa ,Timaya

Wow, the lady that did the chorus, i love her voice! listen to Naalu Ekele

Where is freestyle the rapper?

i was listening to Sip easy and Ole, both collabos by 2face and freestyle. i'm sure y'all remember him? he used to be one of Naija's most celebrated rappers....but the way the guy has been silent for years, makes you wonder what happened to him......
Remember he used to be in Trybe men with Eldee and broke off and started giving interviews saying, he was the one that used to write all their songs......

Nomoreloss- Ojuri FULL REVIEW

I still remember Iyawo Asiko and for a long time, that song still remained, in my opinion, his best guess my excitement when i listened to Ojuri....just LOVE IT! the song has been on replay for days now, and yes, its now on my phone.
first and foremost, i love his voice.....see, nowadays, in Nigerian music, vocal talent has been relegated to the background,now  its all about the craziest and most catchy beat aka club bangers.

Feel Alright.....Davido Feat. Ice Prince (Official Video)

JayWon – This Year (Odun Yi)

Loool......this song kinda reminds me of those folksongs i used to hear when i was little...that is, befor hip-hop took over Africa...and we started hearing afro-hiphop. nice work, jaywon!
listen HERE

Sunday, December 2, 2012

VIDEO Premiere: Lágbájá – Omo Jayejaye

Yaaay! my Lagbaja is back with anoda hit...
watch below.....

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Honorable Patrick obahiagbon's view on the preachers acquiring private jets

here is what he wrote on his facebook page
I cast my vote for Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah and Pastor Tunde Bakare in their demosthenic vitriol against spiritual megalomaniacs whose modus vivendi has become increasingly byzanthine and repulsively narcissistic.We must begin to deprecate this razzmatazz and Nestorian braggadocio in the "HOUSE OF GOD",because when you can no longer draw a line between the values of a Pastor and a typical Nigerian Politician,then we are truly enveloped and pestiferously so in a bolekaja portmanteau...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Durella – OZO ft Slim Brown

Yaaaaaay! Durella is back with another track. Durella still remains one of my favourite nigerian musicians. i just love this style. As for me, any song with the name "Durella" on it is always a winner. listen to his new single HERE

R2Bees ft Sarkodie - Bayla Trap [Official Music Video]

watch and enjoy!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Where is Age Beeka?

I wonder why some good artistes just release abt one,two singles or albums and Bam! you dont hear from them again.
Seems to happen a lot.
ok, lemme go back. how many of you remember JT Money? the Ayayayaya rapper? that song was really good and it was a mega hit where is he?
ok...what about Mystical......The "Danger" guy, mehn, that album is one of the best ive ever listened to. where are these people now?

BankyW writes touching poem to his unborn child....

wow.....sooo touching!

To my Unborn Child...

I pray that you go farther
I pray you, or one of your siblings, go to Harvard
I pray me and your Momma found true love
And that we showed by example what it’s made of

I pray that we made you rich
But if we didn’t give you all you want, I pray we gave you all you need
I pray you get the best of me
I pray you’ll strive to be all that you can be

E.M.E ft Niyola – Don’t Delay Me (Don’t Go There)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Keri Hilson Dancing Etighi & Azonto In Abuja

lol....Hilarious video! i like!

Tonto Dike's die-hard fan!

Are you a die-hard fan? are u willing to fo the extra-mile to show some love? this is what a die-hard fan of Tonto dike did. me thinks she wanted to get a tattoo before anyways and Tonto Dike's tattoo gave her inspiration....LOL.....

Basketmouth praises Chidinma's haircut.

This is what the comedian wrote on his facebook page:  
Ladies you dont need Brazilian to be beautiful! see natural beauty....LOL. i agree though, what do you think?

Another video from the EME compilation album....classic!

VIDEO: Burna Boy – Like To Party (Live Jazz Performance)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free music downloads coming up soon!

looking for a way to upload free music for y'all to download easily. I guess i need a proper website for that, can't seem to be find a way to do it on blogger. Please, be patient, guys! download misic for free very soon on this site, thanks for staying with me! cheers!

Celebrity Artiste profile: 2face Idibia

In Naija Music Reviews, we will also do profiles of Artistes both made and upcoming. Sometimes, its good to know where they are coming from.
who elso do we start with, if not our very own NO1, 2face Idibia. This guy is a trendsetter for these young artistes who have become household names.

Real Name: Innocent Ujah Idibia
Stage Name: 2face
State of Origin: Benue state
School- IMT Enugu
defunct group member- plantashun boys
Status: married
D.O.B: September 18 1975
Parents:  Michael & Rose Idibia

 2Face had his O’ Levels from Mount Saint Gabriel's Secondary Makurdi in 1992 and also attended the one year pre-degree remedial programme at University of Jos in 1994. In 1995, he was admitted into the Institute of Management & Technology (IMT) Enugu to study for a National Diploma (ND) in Business Administration but had to drop out of the ND programme to pursue a career in music.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tonto Dike healed of smoking habit by Pastor TB Joshua

Pastor TB Joshua's name has been on the news for as long as i can remember and for a lot of reasons. Most of the time, it is negative. Well, this time, we have news from a reliable source that his healing works, at least for some. Everybody knows of Tonto Dike's smoking habit and we all know how hard it is for a smoker to quit the habit. well, Tonto quit hers. She explains more in the interview below. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

2Face- Dance in the rain

From the Album away and beyond. I know its been out for a while now, but you know its not easy to listen to a full album, especially Nigerian album. So i finally got around to listen to it, of course, on spinlet app, (by the way good work guys, pls add more songs) and listened to track 1, track 2, was almost sleeping off, then BAM........